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Revised March 2016

Nudist Club

SPEED LIMIT – 5 Miles per hour throughout the camp, vehicle or golf cart

CELL PHONES, CAMERAS OR OTHER DEVISES WITH BUILT IN CAMERAS – Prohibited, except in trailers.  All photography must be pre-approved by the management.


  • Do not disclose gate combination to anyone
  • Suggestive familiarity is prohibited
  • Quiet hours 10 PM – 8 AM Weekdays (Sunday through Thursday)
    Midnight – 8 AM Weekends (Friday & Saturday
  • Open fires – Within fire rings only or at camp fire ring
  • Cigarette butts – In containers only please
  • Visitors, Guests and Guest of Member must register immediately upon arrival.  Members bringing is a guest of member must be on the grounds during their initial days visit.

SMOKING - Prohibited in all camp owned buildings, including all rentals

FIREARMS / WEAPONS – Not permitted on club grounds

FIREWORKS – Not permitted on club grounds

DETRIMENTAL ACTIONS THAT AFFECT SUNSHOWER- Actions that create a problem, financial burden or legal action with internal or external persons shall be the financial responsibility of the offender.  Such actions can result in termination of access to Sunshower.

PETS - Not allowed in common area, except on roadway (Common areas are those areas from the picnic circle to the old shower house, and from the clubhouse to each road).  In other words, areas used by members and visitors.

  • Not allowed in pool area or clubhouse.
  • A current pet health record with up to date vaccinations must be on file with the office, and presented yearly for all pet-owning members, visitors must supply a copy on each visit.
  • Must be leashed while walking
  • Exercised in field area behind mound in front
  • You must clean up after your pet wherever they are, includes field area
  • All pet owners are liable for their pet’s actions
  • For the comfort of all, barking dogs will not be tolerated

ILLEGAL DRUGS, SUBSTANCES AND ILLEGAL ALCOHOL – Not permitted on club grounds, you will be evicted from the club grounds by law enforcement for using or possessing

ALCOHOL – Must be in an opaque container or with “colder holder” around cans.  Persons that are under the influence of alcohol and/or disorderly conduct are subject to eviction from the grounds by a responsible person, law enforcement or given disciplinary action.

PHOTOGRAPHY – No person may be photographed or videotaped without permission.  Members or visitors must request prior permission from owner or manager before taking any photos.

CHILDREN – Parents or guardians are responsible for the conduct and safety of their children at all times.  Please keep an eye on them.

CLUB OWNED EQUIPMENT – All equipment is to be returned to its proper place after use.  Equipment that is damaged or lost shall be reported to the owners or managers promptly, so that it may be replaced or repaired.

LOTS – Before any construction is undertaken on any lots such as a porch, deck, storage shed, etc. the member must submit a written sketch with measurements at least three weeks in advance.  Any tree cutting needs the owner’s approval.  A $10 per day storage fee will be assessed for unclaimed/abandoned trailers or other vehicles or property.  All lots must be maintained in a neat appearance.  Violators are subject to a $25 fine, after notice is given by the owners and a reasonable amount of time has passed without correction.

LOT DAY – All lots are given by seniority.  If a lot is not chosen, and remains empty, a member desiring a lot, at a later date, may take it and it then becomes their lot just as if it were chosen on lot day.  They do not have to survive the next lot day.

Any lot renter has 60 days to place a trailer, compatible to the lot, on the site.  Trailers must be in good condition and are subject to owner’s approval.  No pop-ups or tents are permitted on permanent lots. 

Anyone giving up or considering changing lots on lot day must complete the request form and return it by the deadline.  Any property that will not remain on the lot must be listed, with price, on the request form, such as but not limited to, decks, sheds, pavers, plantings, etc.  Items listed that do not transfer to the new lot renters must be removed within 14 days.  If a price is assessed to the property to be left, the new lot renters have the option to buy the property or asked that it be removed from the lot.  Any items left on the lot and not listed will become the property of Sunshower. All gravel, filler, retaining walls and/or other improvements must remain with the lot.

All mobile homes or permanently placed trailers must be sold by seniority per the owner’s rules on their sale. 

NUDIST ETIQUETTE – Please carry a towel with you at all times and use it to sit on for your protection and out of politeness to others.  Many nudist prefer to be known by their first names only and may not be comfortable answering questions about their personal lives.  Please be discreet at all times.  It is Sunshower’s Policy not to divulge anyone’s last name, where they live or work, etc.


  • All cart owners must sign Sunshower’s Golf Cart Policy and have a current proof of insurance, provided yearly, on file with the office to operate their cart on Sunshower property. Copy of the Golf Car Policy in MS Word | Copy of the Golf Cart Policy in PDF
  • You must be an adult licensed driver to operate a golf cart alone.
  • Non-licensed drivers must be at least 12 years of age and have an adult licensed driver seated next to them while operating any golf cart.
  • All carts must have permanent headlights & taillights on at night while in operation.
  • All carts must remain on roadways, no cutting across grass
  • Park in designated cart parking only, for safety, no parking by pool fence
  • Shower house parking – At top of hill, or in cart parking by playground.

AUTOMOBILES – All cars must be parked on your own lot, or unloaded and moved to the front field parking area.  Parking by the miniten court is for visitors only.


  • No lifeguard on duty, swim at your own risk
  • Lightening and/or thunder automatically and immediately closes the pool for a period of 30 minutes after the last lightening and/or thunder is heard or seen.
  • No glass or breakable containers within fenced pool area
  • Soap shower required before entering hot tub or pool
  • Eating in umbrella area only
  • No swimming alone
  • Children under 14 years of age must have a responsible adult with them
  • No suits or clothing in pool area.
  • Youngsters that are not toilet trained must wear swim diapers.
  • No running, rough play, or diving allowed.
  • Any person having an infectious or communicable disease shall not swim or enter the hot tub.
  • Spitting, spouting of water, blowing of nose, etc in the pool or hot tub  is prohibited
  • Lounge chairs must be folded and set in a designated area when you leave the pool area. 
    Toys and floats must be removed from the pool. Please take these items with you when you leave the camp
  • Pool lights must be used after dark if anyone is swimming.
  • Radios and audible devices must be used with earphones.




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